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"Love Nature!"
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A few people live here.  Most of them reside here, though there are occasional short term visitors.  A few old granite cottages have been restored, with plumbing and power installed, and we have a caravan for summer (or hardy) visitors.  You can Read about The Cottages here, and if you would like to come for a holiday escape or to live here, let us know.


We have a dream ...

Can a village have a lower impact on nature than modern commercial agriculture?  We think so.  Click to find out about our ECOVILLAGE. which might one day become a reality.  Wouldn't that be cool?!

We recommend Linda Moss's Organic Places to Stay, Responsible Travel and Sustainable Tourism Ireland.

There's always plenty do do around here, tending the garden, logging or clearing the woods, maintaining buildings and wall.  If you would like to find out what it's like please let us know.  Nothing here is going to yield a living wage, but you might find out a bit about how nature works or even find yourself.If you would like to join our nature club, please contact us.  We manage all land naturally - no chems and lots of hard work!  See the garden section here.

Sometimes people even get married here, but that's about communing with nature as much as having a party ...

There are some fun things to do around here.
The woods were once designed as pleasure gardens with many exotic rhododendrons and bluebells planted throughout.  There are paths and ditches and dykes built by hand which allow access.  Right in the centre is an Asian water garden rediscovered recently. 
The River Slaney at the edge of our woods, used to be one of the fastest rivers with the best spring salmon catch in Europe.  That was 100 years ago and today we encourage anglers to enjoy the river, but leave the fish alone.  Anglers are the last protection against urban and industrial pollution of the Slaney water basin.


Yoga schedule here.

sustainable adventure travel provider on muchbetteradventures.com

Read about fishing at Ballin Temple (only permitted under special circumstances.  Nature Club membership required)

The Eastern Region Fisheries Board has information about permits, fisheries etc.

A bit of History about the place.

 see The Photo Gallery here, have fun ... and thanks for visiting.

Our newsletter archive is here
You can also sign-up for the free email newsletter here.

For a bit of fun, here's a little video of mountain biking through the woods. 

Or another one: Oh not again ...! here.

More interesting pages ...

* group retreat suggestions here *

*Organically grown veg when in season. Call 059 915 5037 for info. Some recipes here (submissions welcome). Pictures of veg patch in June 2004 are here

*See The Irish Times Angling Correspondent's report on Ballin Temple here (9 June 2003). *

*Waterlog Magazine, August/September 2004 article on Ballin Temple

*Peter O'Reilly Fishing Course Photos: We were fortunate to host a course led by Peter O'Reilly the accomplished angler and author. Some photos are in the journal here ...*

* photo of ~30 lbs cock salmon found in the Slaney *

* A page of pictures of angling flies here *

* Construction of our reed bed photos here. *

* scenes from the Ballon fair here * photos: walking the river and woods here and here, more views here *

*Article by Melo Lennox-Conyngham on Pierce Butler and the US election, published in The Irish Times 13 December 2004.

Thanks to Turtle Bunbury for his Ballin Temple: Dark Knights, Blue Bells and this historical extract from "Lewis's Topographical Directory of Ireland"

Country Cottages
Comfortable Cottages

Yoga for healthy mind and body


History of Ballin Temple etc

Nature Trail - Ancient woods, special conservation area, river and streams
Nature Trail

Organic Farm and Garden

Also, please check out www.PestalozziWorld.com a charity we sponsor that helps educate poor children,
and www.Astraea.net for "big picture" thinking, LOHAS and integral living, ...

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