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Building a Reed Bed

These photos depict our reed bed construction. There are more photos than necessary so you can choose your views ...

A reed bed is a simple natural system for cleaning domestic waste water. Although we contracted a design, we adjusted it slightly to the local environment. The original design included a double pump chamber and settlement tank with raised beds and 5 grades of stone. We wanted to avoid the use of pumps and designed for gravity only. And obtaining graded stone was difficult here. Subsequently we were told by a reed bed expert that using gravity is appropriate, only one grade of stone is needed (5-10cm) and the principal principle is to hold the waste water in a "bath" for a period while the reeds eat pathogens etc.

Digging the hole

Alan had at work. Septic tank in the fore ground with the hole ready for the waterproof membrane. The sticks were used to check levels. Water flows downhill.

You can see here that the reed bed is below ground level so it does not obstruct views from the hilltop. Some old hay was burnt on site.


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