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Introduction Jobs People At BT


We welcome people to work in the garden.

Depending on your aptitude and intentions we may be able to accommodate a position for you. We employ part time, especially during the businest periods, we employ full time and we have arrangements for working the farm on a residential basis. Residential positions are preferred because it enables the residents to explore Ballin Temple, understand our systems better, become involved in all aspects of the farm and demonstrate a commitment to values that make the system viable. If you are interested in a position please email gardener AT ballintemple DOT com letting us know what type of work you want, what timescale and what experience you have.

Emilie planning display presentations for the Tullow Show.

We also offer active holidays during which groups of participants are exposed to many aspects of sustainable living from food production to building to economics. These are particularly suitable for individuals or groups seeking a temporary or permanenet change of lifestyle, perhaps during teenage years or later in life. This summer camp type holiday has been very well received by participants and their families too! We can customise courses on fishing, organic farming, finance and yoga. If you are interested in a special holiday, please email gardener AT ballintemple DOT com letting us know a bit about yourself so that we can structure the right kind of break for you.

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Introduction Jobs People At BT

Short term internships.

We offer spring/summer residential internships.  You will share in general work including gardening and building maintenance.  We will provide accommodation and food and will help with subsequent job search where possible.

Position Available - general management, all activities inc. garden and guests.  Full time. Permanent.

We can provide a position for an individual, or family, interested in being a part of Ballin Temple. You will be expected to take up day-to-day responsibility for activities over a few months of settling in and getting a feel for Ballin Temple.

Activities you'd be involved with include maintaining the garden and managing the accommodation enterprise and other services offered. It is suitable for a single adult or a couple with some experience of leisure and catering industries, rural enterprise or professional or entrepreneurial enterprise. An ideal candidate would combine the skills and experience of hotelier, caterer, carpenter, gardener, angler and administrator! You can expect to learn a lot and have great fun.

Some qualities which help include: initiative, technical training (eg carpentry) or undergraduate degree, driving license, references. Not afraid of people, maintenance, nature, computers.

We expect that you will find the resources at Ballin Temple to make a wonderful life. If you are qualified we will be happy to invite you to visit Ballin Temple. We appreciate enquiries from enthusiastic people as well as experienced people.

You may use the following application documents if you like: Application Form and Skills and Experience Review. Thank you.
All submissions will remain confidential.

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Introduction Jobs People At BT

People At BT

Szymon, Lucasz, Gosia

Three friends who made a wonderful contribution during the summer of 2004.  Szymon, Lucasz and Gosia spent several months working at BT helping to maintain grounds and rebuild the garden.  At the end of the summer they moved on to jobs locally.  Many thanks for their great efforts.


Gustaaf brought passion, skill and experience to our gardening activties. With particular expertise in horticulture (hardy perennial) and biodynamic methods, we learned alot from this modest gentlemen who has given us great pleasure as he rebuilt the kitchen garden.


With over 20 years experience on this stretch of teh Slaney Tony is an invaluable guide to the angler new to BT - and those familiar with our waters can often learn from him too. Here he is with a 30 lb cock salmon found wounded in waters near Enniscorthy.


Does a wonderful job managing the banks of the river and looking after anglers.



Tom has been helping in the garden since the mid 1990's. Trained as a builder, Tom has picked up gardening techniques in the last couple of decades. He is particularly good at low energy techniques - he built a new fruit cage using timber felled from a beech hedge (see the end of the 2002 report), collects grass cuttings and leaves during one year for fertilisation the next, and often uses well honed manual tools, such as a sickle, rather than power tools. In autumn 2003 Tom decided to slow down (or at least his family decided for him) so we don't see him so often now. Thanks for all your help, Tom.


In spring 2002 Edi came from Austria to work and learn at Ballin Temple. His family also came and we even met a couple of visiting friends. We enjoyed having Edi, Karen, Philip, Guido and Simon here and thank them for their great contributions at Ballin Temple.

Edi is a skilled carpenter and put his skills to use in construction of a greenhouse which you can learn about at the bottom of the organic record for 2002.

As well as being involved in most of our activities here, including organbic gardening, building and motor maintenance and construction of a greenhouse, they did some travelling around Ireland. Thanks Edi .. you're always welcome to visit.

Another Tom

Helping Robin ...

Once Upon A Time

For a record of people on the old estate see Morris Hope's artricle reproduced here.

A tribute to George Brown, friend
Sowing the lawn in the walled garden, 1973,

and giving a demo in his eightieth year...

Introduction Jobs People At BT

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