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There is lots to do at and around Ballin Temple. The main activties at Ballin Temple are the nature trails in the ancient woods and along the river, fishing for guests and yoga.

The nature trails through the woods and along the river are a fantastic escape which have been enjoyed for decades. Today residential guests have increasing access as we open the wooded trails that had become overgrown through the 1900s. And they lend themselves well to the modern past-time of mountain biking - a little dangerous and lots of fun!

There is also a fruit and vegetable walled garden which provides yummy produce. It is used for training and special events.

Yoga is more of an indoor activity, although in the summer it is great to get outside to do it.

Combining the nature trails, garden and yoga we also customise special retreats for people that wnat to explore natural living or a change of life.

Today we aim to preserve the wildlife in our care and have a policy of conservation. There is no shooting or hunting in the ancient woods, although our gun club has access to over 300 acres outside of this sanctuary. We also offer access to our fishing beat for annual syndicate rods and residential day rods only. You can read about the fishing here.

Ballin Temple has always been a game sanctuary. A century ago it was renowned for its fishing and shooting. The pictures here are over 100 years old. In them you see Tom Butler fising for salmon and Richard Butler aiming for a hare.

For a description of things to do and see further afield, please follow this link. It includes information on restaurants, shopping, historical touring and more.


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