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Snow 27 November - 2 December 2010

The vegetable garden in late August 2010

The vegetable garden in early August 2010

Walk in the Woods 30 December 2008

Digging The Cow Horn (biodynamics) : April 2008

April Blooms ... (2007)

Children's Yoga December 2006

Mushrooms October 2006

Garden, Woods, Cottages, Walkabout July 2006

YogArt July 2006

Deer feeding at the edge of the woods - May 2006

The river and fishing in March, 2006

Heron February 2006

January Garden 2006

Hooley 18 November 2005 (member login)

Hooley 21 October 2005 Henny's photos (member login)

Hooley 21 October 2005 Others' Photos (member login)

Hooley 14 October 2005 (member login)

Autumn Colours October 2005

Hooley 10 October 2005  (members)

October Moon 2005

Veggies in Season September 2005

Chickens and Ducks September 2005

BBQ at BT sponsored by the Butler Society August 2005

YogArt July 2005

Solstice Moon June 2005

Swallows leaving the nest, June 2005

May Flowers ... 2005

April Blooms, Moons, Woods, 2005

March Blossoms, 2005

Opening of the fishing season 2005.

Exploring the woods opening weekend March 2005.

The River - as banks are being cleared February 2005.

Archaeology! Discovered and uncovered aquaduct, garden paths and water garden February 2005.

Moon rising near full January 2005,

Walk in the Woods (Slap Dash) January 2005

White Christmas at Ballin Temple, 2004

Uncovering the aqueduct, December 2004

Red skies at BT, December 2004

Morning Moon at BT, November 2004

Morning Skies at BT, November 2004,

The Lodge and cottages, September 2004

Tour of the cottages

Fishing Journal

Fishing Opening 2003 snaps

River bank snaps March 2003

River trail 1

River trail 2

Walkabout January 2003

Walkabout December 2002

Some Views from Ballin Temple

Archive pictures from around 1900.

George Brown at 80!

* * *

Building a reed bed! and just the photos.

* * *

The Ballon Fair, 2003


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