The Club is open, yoga is on and the garden is busy. Sort of...

The Club is open, yoga is on and the garden is busy. Sort of...
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The Club is open, yoga is on and the garden is busy. Sort of ...

It's been a weird few months hasn't it?  And we're never going back to the way it was, are we?  Too many thoughts have helped us all see the world a little differently and Covid-19 will be here for a while.  But we can still live!

On Monday 11 May there will be a partial lifting of lock-down guidelines and you can read about that here.  The Nature Club can have a partial opening.  That's good because nature is a complimentary therapy for  mental and physical health, so join The Club!  May is a beautiful time to walk the river.  Bluebells are fragrant, rhododendrons are boomin' and the brambles haven't yet taken over.  We started to look at mowing the path (video), but after cutting some branches across the way we decided that it didn't need it yet and just drove home.  Please drop a line if you're planning a visit as we want to help maintain social distancing while uncertainties linger.  We're also looking at gatherings in The Tent, but want to keep numbers under control. There's plenty of space to have a yoga session for a dozen people, but a full-on concert would be asking for trouble!

There was great disappointment that yoga classes were stopped. :-(  But, within a week Pam had videos on-line for her students and within two weeks had started zoom classes.   Have a look at to browse videos or find out about a virtual class with Pam.  Soon there will be opportunities to join sessions in The Tent.

The garden is almost fully planted now, but there's always work to be done, so, if you're bored ... volunteers welcome!! :-)  Beans, brassicas, potatoes, allium, gourds and salad crops are in and so far surviving, although a ground-frost is expected tonight.  The tomatoes are a bit behind but will go into the greenhouse soon (maybe tomorrow).  For those interested in our various smallholding activities, we've posted a bunch of videos on-line.  Some POV clips of unusual tools are quite engaging.  Check em out!

We have some grass livery available for friendly horses or donkeys and will be cutting hay for small bales in a couple of months.  Let us know if you'd like some. 

The cottages have provided a reclusive sanctuary for a couple of families who have enjoyed the space and fresh air.  They've even paddled in the river!  We hope to welcome more as some mobility resumes.  We know the comforts of nature rejuvenate all of us. 

Ballin Temple is a "life laboratory" for astraea. What we do here is done within the framework of exploration and innovation to test ideas for living more in tune with nature.  Our experiences have helped us learn how to live more fully and at the same time have a gentler impact on nature.  As the pandemic has disturbed the normal functioning of institutions many have asked more questions of themselves and about their priorities and lifestyles.  This growing interest in system change has catalysed demand for the understanding that we've focussed on for two decades, so astraea has posted videos exploring these ideas which you can easily browse here.  Enjoy!

See you in cyberspace if not at The Club!

Stay well.

Pam and Tom






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